Don't miss the first Strategic Conference Hsmai Peru in Lima!
A unique opportunity to update yourself with the best professionals in the hospitality sector in Latam.

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The largest association of hospitality professionals came to Peru to help you grow.
The events and courses organized by Hsmai will give you access to specialized networking in sales, digital marketing, distribution and revenue management that will take you to the next level.
Soon you will be able to certify your knowledge with Hsmai
Hsmai is an entity made BY hoteliers and tourism professionals FOR hoteliers and tourism professionals.


The objective of the Hsmai Peru executive board is to mobilize the hotel and tourism industry by enabling various actions and developing insights and events that address good practices and changes in market scenarios. Additionally, the group is responsible for general planning, positioning of the association, fundraising, content curation and strengthening of the entity in the country.

lynn mora


Profitalo Group

Cesar Urrutia

Director of Revenue Management 

Hilton Lima Miraflores

Waldin Duran

       Director comercial Cluster Peru

Melia Lima y INNSIDE by Meliá Lima Miraflores

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Our commitment is to bring you the latest industry trends and prepare you to operate in a more dynamic market, update yourself and improve your strategic thinking. The future is now! Are you ready to face the new challenges? Be part of HSMAI and trust the ability of those who can anticipate market scenarios and perspectives.

Our job is to be the link between you and knowledge. Be strategic!

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